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Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers

Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers provides quality health care and social services to thousands of uninsured and medically underserved.

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People’s Community Action Corporation

PCAC acts as a catalyst fighting to end poverty by empowering individuals, families and communities to thrive in St. Louis, Missouri and beyond.

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Amanda Luckett Murphy Hopewell Center

ALM Hopewell Center improves the quality of life for the mentally challenged by decreasing the incidence of mental disabilities and their negative impact.

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Serving St. Louis with quality care and social services for over 40 years.

To improve the health status and quality of life for all residents of the St. Louis metropolitan community, the Betty Jean Kerr People’s Family of Corporations provides culturally sensitive primary health and dental care and through our collaborations and partnerships act as a catalyst fighting to end poverty, empower the families we serve and decrease the incidence of mental disabilities.

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A Message from Our CEO

For more than 40 years, Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers and the People’s Family of Corporations have recognized the impact of socioeconomic stress on the health of our communities. Too often, underserved communities are preoccupied with the challenges and activities of daily living at the expense of focusing on family health maintenance and wellness issues.

In response to these and other community concerns, Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers has established “community support” corporations that have proved successful beyond its well-known health center. While primary care community health services remains the foundation of our community efforts, Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers also deploys the resources of our Mental Health Center (Amanda Luckett Murphy Hopewell Center) and our People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC), to address the total needs of our underserved communities.

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Our St. Louis Community Locations